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Ten things you didn’t know about Boxcitement…

In case you didn’t know, Boxcitement has been around for a few years… since October 2015, in fact.

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It’s a few years now since Boxcitement became a reality rather than a dream – and of course the idea of Boxcitement came along a while before we actually launched. We were chatting about how it all began in the Box Office the other day and some of the incidents that we encountered along the way. Here are just 10 things you may not know about our particular journey…

  • The idea of Boxcitement was born in Australia - but by the time it launched it was based in the UK.

    I (Creative Director Deb) lived in Sydney, Australia for 12 years and was working in the advertising industry while dreaming of running a creative business and becoming  my own boss. When family circumstances meant a move to the UK, it opened up an opportunity to realise those dreams - and Boxcitement was born with a GB passport!
  • A chance conversation educated us about subscription boxes - in a pub!

    My partner Sean and I were brainstorming creative business ideas with some friends in a pub - and one mentioned how popular subscription boxes had become in her native Singapore. We hadn't heard of them - but it sparked a conversation that started this whole journey. A quick Google search proved that between us we had the exact skill sets needed to get started - and Sean started his new 'job' setting up the business the very next day.
  • It took three weeks to come up with a suitable name!

    Three weeks of constant brainstorming, domain checking, competitor research and more. The name Boxcitement seems so right now that it's difficult to believe the word didn't exist before we invented it. We'd love to know what you think of it!
  • Our first month, we TOTALLY over-estimated how many boxes we would sell.

    OK we all make mistakes. Our biggest one was thinking we would sell hundreds of boxes in our first month of doing business - it seems crazy now especially as we had such a small marketing budget! Luckily ever since then we have managed our growth, and expectations, more accurately - though we do still manage to sell out most months.
  • I have travelled all over Europe to source suppliers and manufacturers - and am very familiar with the Brussels ring road!

    It seems every route into Northern Europe passes via Brussels, so whether I am sourcing cotton bags in Poland or notepad printers in Germany I end up in a certain service station just outside Brussels every single time. It's always busy, day or night. After so many years in Australia I still love the thrill of being able to travel through five countries in one day - and hopefully Brexit won't change that...
  • It's really difficult to sum up what Boxcitement is to strangers...

    Gift shop? Kind of... Design studio? At certain times of the month definitely. Ecommerce store? That just sounds so boring! Small business? Well that could be anything. There are a lot of people who have never heard of subscription boxes. How would you describe Boxcitement?!
  • It takes days and days just to pack our boxes.

    Of course we have a few more subscribers now than we did two years ago, and every month everything takes a little longer to get ready to post. But I can honestly say it's the most enjoyable part of the month - the hard work of growing and servicing the business is set aside for the simple and satisfying task of putting cute goodies into boxes. And then we post, and wait for those all important responses!
  • We have been approached by lots of other (and much larger) subscription companies to contribute to their boxes.

    But we enjoy creating exclusive goodies and knowing our designers only work for us. It's the Limited Edition factor that we believe makes Boxcitement so unique.
  • It is possible to run Boxcitement with a fractured vertebrae!

    After being knocked off my bike and ending up in hospital this Summer, the team rallied round and managed to get our boxes out on time, and our subscribers were none the wiser. Having a strong team around, along with the most unbelievably helpful friends and family, made all the difference.
  • We are now busy scheduling box ideas well into next year!

    We hope to grow Boxcitement to be bigger and better than ever in the future – and we really appreciate you being along with us for the journey!

    Hopefully you’ve enjoyed watching Boxcitement grow from a tiny little seed into the sapling it is today – and here’s to sticking around to see it grow!

    Stay happy - Deb

    (P.S. I'd love to know what you think - leave your comment below!)

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