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Meet The Maker - using Instagram to get behind the scenes of small businesses like ours.

It's easy to forget - both as a customer and as a business owner - that there is always a human/humans behind the face of a brand.

Here at Boxcitement we try to engage as much as we can with customers and interested onlookers - but sometimes it feels as though we are falling short of truly letting people see into the workings of our little box - why we do what we do, how we do it and who we are. After all the saying goes, 'People buy from People' - not faceless adverts and personality-free slogans.

So when the opportunity came up this year to take part in #marchmeetthemaker, I jumped at the chance – it’s a wonderful way to show the scenes behind Boxcitement and what makes us tick. And hopefully that means future customers can believe in and trust us a little bit more and make the decision that we are worth buying from – after all that is why Boxcitement boxes exist!

Meet The Maker is an instagram challenge dreamed up by talented illustrator Joanne Hawker – you can find her own reasons for setting it up here. By giving daily prompts it allows designer makers to show some behind- the-scenes activities that they may not normally think of demonstrating. For Boxcitement it allowed us to explain how we started, what we enjoy making the most and where our help comes from (the picture above is my hubby helping to pack boxes – it’s all hands on deck at certain times of the month!). It also gave me the opportunity to reflect on what really makes our little team tick, and how we can be perceived by the wider world. We have had lots of comments from people who didn’t realise we create all our own products, for example – and that using illustration is probably the one biggest creative challenge we face each month.

We also got to explain some of the processes we use – such as this wonderful old letterpress printing machine which we use to make notecards and stationery – as well as introduce some of our collaborators and the manufacturers who bring our designs to life. And importantly we also had the opportunity to explain our eco credentials, how we use carbon-neutral printing and how we are continually striving to reduce waste – for example by including an everlasting straw in our recent box.

Instagram can be a fantastic social playground, where we mindlessly like other people’s images and look with envy at their holidays and food choices. But it’s great to see it being used in such a positive, useful way helping both indie biz owners and their customers to see behind the adverts. I really enjoyed taking part in the challenge this month, and I am already looking forward to next year’s opportunity – thank you @joannehawker!

Did you enjoy this little insight into behind-the-scenes Boxcitement? Remember, if you aren’t yet a subscriber to our lovely monthly boxes you can join us any time – and I hope we’ll be sending you some of our newest gifts very soon!

Stay happy - Deb

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