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What makes a good subscription box great?

Choosing what goes into a subscription box is a monthly challenge – are we up to it?

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Since Boxcitement started in 2015 there has been a huge increase in the types of subscription box on offer in the UK. We were relatively early in what was a fledgling market but now a quick search on Google reveals literally hundreds of boxes all vying for our customers’ attention. So how on earth do we stand out?

If you are reading this article you are no doubt already aware of the popularity of subscription boxes and you will know that they roughly fall into two categories – what people need, and what people want. What people need includes innovative boxes selling everything from eco-friendly toilet paper to razor blades and washing tabs – but that’s not what Boxcitement is about. We’re all about what you want – what makes you happy, what bans boring from your life and promises a monthly happy fix. We want to make you smile!

Which isn’t to say out products aren’t useful! We include every day items such as socks, tea towels, candles, notepads and bags, as well as jewellery for all seasons. The difference is, you don’t know what you are getting – and that is where the fun starts! You might have seen a few sneak peeks on our Instagram page – or taken a look at our past boxes – but until you take that leap of faith you won’t know exactly what you are getting until you open that little pink box.
Boxcitement subscription box, UK subscription boxes, monthly mystery box, stationery subscription, gifts and jewellery, free delivery
What’s more, because we design and manufacture everything exclusively for Boxcitement, you can be pretty sure you won’t have seen it anywhere else either! And therein lies the difference – we have created a subscription box based on what makes life fun, rather than replacing a necessity. Life is mundane enough as it is – the job of Boxcitement is to make it just a little bit more exciting!

So how do we know what to put into our boxes? Well, we ask. We send surveys to our long-standing customers and we invite feedback, we listen to every comment and we reproduce items that are really popular every few months. We also spend a lot of time following trends by visiting trade shows and subscribing to forecasters – which really helps us ensure our boxes are always bang up to date. We have a talented team of illustrators who bring our packaging and our gift wrapping to life each month and make everything work together – and we follow the seasons too so that we aren’t sending you socks in July! (Apologies to our Australian subscribers – pop them into a draw, they will come in handy soon enough…).

The reason for this particular article is that I would love to hear what you would like to see in future boxes – and what you may or may not have liked in past ones. You can email us here to let us know what you think – and we will pop all replies into a draw to win a free three month gift subscription! So there is always a reason to get to the end of the story…

Best wishes from the Boxcitement Box Office – Deb

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