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Why Boxcitement won't be bothered by Brexit...

Celebrating the fantastic UK companies that we enjoy working with.

We love sending our boxes all over the world. But did you know most of the items we produce are created right here in the UK?

Sorry to be bringing up that dreaded B-word - but we wanted to put out a positive story amidst all the doom and gloom of no-deal scenarios and panic buying. After all, the very essence of Boxcitement is all about making people happy - and that might be more necessary now than ever before!

Behind the scenes back at Boxcitement's Box Office, we have built up some fantastic relationships with a group of UK-based manufacturers, suppliers, illustrators and printers over the four years we have been doing business. In the early days we visited a lot of them in person, turning up with big ideas and not much else - and they have helped us shape the unique and exclusive nature of our boxes ever since.

We sat amidst huge laser cutting machines discussing our needs with Amy from Artisan Model Makers who has helped us create everything from a tiny goldfish in its own bowl, to a flatpack candlestick holder - and as Artisan are based less than half an hour from our HQ, our carbon footprint when working with these guys is tiny.

Another local business we have loved working with is Prom Print, where Tony taught us the value in creating gorgeous printed stationery on unusual cards and papers, and is so local to us that we can walk there in 10 minutes - how environmentally friendly is that! We also work with a selection of specialist printers based all over the UK and have become experts at ordering exactly what we want - after all we do create quite a lot of printed goodies each month!

We have commissioned coasters from Manchester, enamel pins from Peterborough, socks from London and luggage tags fron Glasgow - usually from small creative businesses like ours who are only too happy to work with us and humour our odd requests! And yes of course we also work with manufacturers overseas, and have fabulous relationships with them which will prosper whatever Brexit brings. But I just wanted to make the point that there are a whole host of companies based in the UK who we love working with, and that our ability to design and produce wonderful, quirky gifts for our worldwide customers won't be affected by any decisions made by Governments and trade agreements.

One final note - we also have a great relationship with Royal Mail, who are working with us to make sure our boxes can be posted to every corner of the world before, during and after Brexit. No, we don't know what will happen in the long run (who does?), but we will make sure that Boxcitement continues to thrive - after all our business is to put smiles on people's faces, and what could be more important than that?

Best wishes from the Boxcitement Box Office – Deb

(P.S. I'd love to know what you think - leave your comment below!)

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