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Making dreams come true...

What would you like to achieve this year?

If you have a dream you would love to accomplish, what steps can you take to make it come true?

It's completely understandable at the beginning of a new year - and a new decade - to decide to make things happen and to hope that wishes will come true. But how much control do we actually have in making sure our dreams will actually reach fruition? And why do so many people give up before they succeed? At Boxcitement we're all about making people happy and that's why we decided to look into how to make dreams come true - it's not as impossible as it seems!

Did you know it's been proven that the most successful people regularly daydream - that is they regularly put time aside in their day to focus on what they want to achieve. Spending 10 minutes each day sitting quietly and thinking about personal and professional goals is the first step towards accomplishing what you dream of, in fact there is a whole industry grown up around learning how to do it correctly! Just Google 'visualising success' for lots of techniques, and try to commit to spending a few minutes a day prioritising your dreams. It will be worth it!

Making dreams come true doesn't happen overnight and here is where a little bit of planning comes in. You have to allow yourself the correct amount of time to fulfil your goal, to make sure you don't fail before you've even started.

Need to save for a dream holiday? Here's a fab technique for saving money without noticing: Find a jar and put in 1p on the first day. Then, increase the amount by 1p each day so that by day 10 you are adding 10p to your jar. Once you hit day 100, increase the amount to £1, for example, £1.03, followed by £1.04. When you reach day 200, increase the amount to £2 and continue. It might not seem like a vast amount at first, but if you continue this everyday, you'll be surprised with what you end up with at the end of the year.

Need to learn a new skill or change bad habits? Before you throw yourself into a time-consuming course or restrictive diet, research how long it will take to achieve your desired outcome and give yourself that amount of time plus a bit extra for insurance. Being methodical and allowing yourself permission to take a while to succeed means you are more likely to stick with it, rather than giving up when the results aren't immediate. You can also reward yourself along the way so that the end goal doesn't seem too far away. You may have decided this year that you want your life to improve but have no real idea of what to do or how to change - just a niggling feeling that things could be better. It's very common! If you dream of a happier and more fulfilling life but don't know where to start, it's been proved time and time again that giving something of yourself to a wider society can help with everything from self esteem to professional development. For instance dedictating some time to local tree-planting initiatives, volunteering for a few hours in a care home or donating to a cause close to your heart can all make you feel appreciated, and happier - and what better way is there to make your dreams come true than by helping to create a better world to live in?

Recently knitters around the world have come together to create thousands of pouches for orphaned animal victims of Australia's bushfires and have created a worldwide community of makers - what an amazing achievement, and how good would it feel to know you can give practical help to a problem that can seem very far away?

I hope you achieve all your wishes in the coming year and decade - and that you start right now thinking about what dreams you would like to make come true! And as always I would love to hear your stories!

Best wishes for now – Deb

(P.S. I'd love to know what dreams you would like to achieve - leave your comment below!)

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