About Boxcitement Monthly Box Subscription
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The story behind our monthly subscription boxes

The name Boxcitement sums it up really - we create a range of exciting treats, and they come in a box!

Boxcitement is one of the UK's longest established subscription boxes and we have sent our little packages to thousands of happy customers. Our mission is to fill a gap in the market that the bigger companies don't offer - eclectic designs, excellent customer service and a personal touch, as well as outstanding value! No samples, no sales leaflets and no repeated brands that you will get bored of. Our boxes ooze creativity - you won't find the range and uniqueness we offer anywhere else.

We create themed collections of gorgeous stationery, accessories, jewellery and homewares each month, working with a group of specialist manufacturers who bring your box to life. We think Boxcitement boxes are perfect for women who love surprises; every month is completely different, so there will always be something unusual to look forward to when your Boxcitement Consignment arrives.

Any questions? Here's everything you need to know about Boxcitement's monthly boxes - and if you still have a query about a box subscription just drop us an email . We're very friendly!

Our Box Office Bods

We work with a small team of dedicated designer-makers who help get our boxes to you every month. Plus these two run the show...


Sean is our management mastermind working behind the scenes, making sure the business runs like clockwork and that your boxes arrive on time every month!


Deb is an award winning creative director, who oversees the design and making of our goodies and chats to our customers as well as running our social media!
Boxcitement subscription box, UK subscription boxes, monthly mystery box, stationery subscription, gifts and jewellery, free delivery

We care about our eco credentials

We know that you care about your world - and we do too. We want to ensure that you can enjoy your boxes of fun without worrying about their impact on the environment:

  • Our outer packaging of plain cardboard and paper tape is easily recyclable, as is the paper tissue.

  • We use a carbon offsetting scheme, compensating the amount of greenhouse gases emitted through our printing through a range of climate offset projects - we currently contribute to forest protection in Brazil, a hydropower project in Indonesia and a wind energy project in Turkey.

  • The acrylic we use is 100% recycled (R-MMA) and is completely VOC and HFC free.

  • All the wood that we use comes from sustainable, FSC certified woodlands. Waste paper and packaging that we produce or use in the office is recycled.

  • Our clear display bags are made from plant starch (corn and potatoes) which is completely biodegradable and compostable, breaking down within 6 months.

  • All our cotton products are fully recyclable, and ethically manufactured in the EU using European certified materials and inks.