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"Bound to keep any subscriber happy, the theme works well as both appropriately summery and generically adorable. Boxcitement’s real selling point is the sheer amount and variety of items that are included - it seems that the team manage to cram in more than is physically possible"

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"You won’t find any subscription box that’s as packed full of fun as Boxcitement, so this is a great little treat for yourself or someone else."

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"Everything included is of great quality and is also useful (if you needed any more convincing!) so it’s a win-win situation all round!"

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"Whether you need a special birthday card for a friend or are just looking forward to opening some surprise gifts every month (because you deserve it!), then Boxcitement is the subscription box you’ve been waiting for."


"It had a fun assortment of random items and I like the gift-giving aspect of it. Anyone into stationery and giftware will enjoy this box and it would prove useful for those occasions where you need to quickly send/give someone a card or wrap a gift."

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"It is worth every single penny for its fabulousness, I cannot describe how much I loved receiving this, it was the nicest thing I got for just me in a very long time and I think that if I can treat myself to something that will make me happy for only £15 a month, then maybe I actually should, as I need to remember that I am important too."

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"I really didn’t know what to expect from Boxcitement, but I really enjoyed it! Everything was packaged nicely and I love that it was all exclusive to the box. It’s fun receiving things you know you won’t find in any other subscription box. The theme was fun and unique too."

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"All the items in the box could be saved and gifted to a co-worker, friend etc. This would be a nice box to have on hand for those celebrations you forgot about and need a quick gift. This is also a lovely box for yourself."

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